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We're Kira Dorrian and Tracy Adams, Clinical Hypnotherapists, HypnoBirthing® Instructors, and moms. We'd be honored to be a part of this exciting time in your life by introducing you to the philosophy and techniques of HypnoBirthing® that make it possible for you to envision, plan and prepare for your baby's gentle birth.

In addition our full slate of HypnoBirthing classes, we're pleased to offer HypnoMotheringTM -- visit our "Classes" page to learn more!!

  • My husband and I loved our HypnoBirthing Classes!

    — Babette Lenz

  • We loved our HypnoBirthing class experience!

    — Evey Koen

  • I couldn't have asked for a better result!

    — Karen

  • Taking the birthing world by calm.

    — Marie Mongan, HypnoBirthing® Founder

To register for class

Call 206-619-2660,

or email Info at SeattleHypnoBirthing.com

HypnoBirthing's Founder, Marie Mongan

  • Kira Dorrian, Marie Mongan, Tracy Adams

    Marie Mongan

    Kira and Tracy recently had the privilege of getting to know HypnoBirthing’s Founder, Marie Mongan.