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What does tuition include?

Hypnosis for Childbirth

Live Online Sessions to Master Foundational Skills: Two live online 3-hour group classes. Tracy will introduce the theory and key skills for your calm, centered labor and birth.
•  Understand why and how hypnosis helps with labor
•  Foundational breathing, hypnosis, and relaxation techniques

Self-paced Study: This is where you learn essential information and skills that are easier to absorb at your own pace than trying to concentrate and take notes for three hours. Students enjoy the short, content-rich videos, and seem to especially appreciate having the videos for reference on topics like support techniques for partners.
•  Positive self-advocacy skills
•  Physical preparation to dial into your instincts
•  Priority birth preferences to discuss with your provider
•  Support techniques for partners
•  Logistics for getting ready
•  The labor journey, and how the tools fit together

Ongoing Weekly Practice and Discussion:  Tracy will host weekly one-hour live online sessions to support you through the rest of your pregnancy. You may attend many of these sessions, or just a few, depending on how much additional practice you desire and questions you may have.
• Practice basic and advanced techniques
• Highlighted discussion reinforcing the self-paced study
• Inviting and talking through your questions

Tailored Coaching and Mentoring with Tracy: 
•  One 30-minute private mentoring session with Tracy for fine-tuning and confidence building.

Also included in your tuition

Baby Basics and Early Parenting Workshop: 
•  Learn what to expect in the first minutes, hours, and weeks
•  Bathing, clothing, cord care, introduction to baby’s first latch, managing sleep, and setting priorities

Four 50-minute Live Online Sessions:  HypnoMothering, Thriving Postpartum
• Making the most of limited sleep
• Moving through overwhelming feelings
• Holding your own while you’re getting the new normal established
• Sorting through the noise of various parenting styles
• Each session also includes a 20-minute live online restorative hypnosis process and MP3s to support the focus of the session
• These are live online group sessions that are ongoing. When you’re ready, you’ll register to join a group on the first Monday of the month.