“I am so happy that my husband and I signed up for Seattle Hypnobirthing before our second birth. We had a difficult first birth, which ended in a c-section, and I really wanted a VBAC for our second birth. The class focused on positive birth experiences, and allowed me to release all of my fears built up from the first birth. It gave me the tools I needed to relax and truly believe in my body’s ability to give birth. Tracy was down to earth and very approachable making us feel 100% comfortable with whatever our birth choices were. Without her encouragement, I don’t believe that my husband and I would have openly discussed our true feelings about our first birth. Thanks to Tracy and her class, we had a beautiful second birth where I felt truly supported. Thank you Tracy!” ~Kim

I would recommend the Seattle HypnoBirthing and instructor Tracy Adams to any expecting mom – regardless of what type of delivery you are planning or expecting, this course will help you.  Before this class we were scared, apprehensive and worried about our child’s birth. We are now confident and excited about the birth of our first child after this course. Tracy is a wonderful teacher and hypnotherapist.  We were skeptical about Hypnobirthing and what to expect, but this was the best class we have done in preparation for the birth of our first born. Thanks to Hypnobirthing we are both very confident about the birth and ready to experience whatever might come at us during the experience. Hypnobirthing and Tracy changed our whole outlook on the birthing process – that being relaxed and calm is how babies are born into this world and have been since the beginning of time – birth of a child is a natural event, not a medical event (even though we are delivering at Swedish First Hill).  Thank you Tracy for everything! ~Stacia

“We loved our experience with Seattle Hypnobirthing! I have extreme anxiety in medical situations and was looking for a way to calm myself down and get normal blood pressure readings (or within an acceptable range) at my doctor appointments – something my anxiety made incredibly difficult. While I was never able to completely get control of those blood pressure readings (though if we had started hypnobirthing earlier, I may have been able to work through that better), hypnobirthing allowed me to have the most natural birth possible under the circumstances. We were induced, but never actually needed the petocin and I even went without an epidural.  Without hypnobirthing, my experience would have been SO much more difficult. It kept me calm and relaxed through the whole labor, in spite of my anxiety. It also helped my husband and I to know exactly what to do for me to make me the most comfortable. Because of the class, we had so many important conversations before the birth that we didn’t even know we should be having! It made us closer as a couple and helped my husband to feel like more than just a bystander. He was an active participant in our baby’s birth. Before signing up, we were worried it would be a little too “out there” for us. However, the instructors were very grounded and we found everyone participating to be exceeding normal and fun to talk to. So worth the time, so worth the money … we’ll probably be back for a refresher course when we get around to having our second!” Jill R.

“Tracy was such a pleasure to take hypnobirthing classes from! The class structure and organization was very well thought out. The hypnobirthing techniques I learned have created a new sense of peace and calmness surrounding my upcoming birth day. I feel much more confident, and my partner benefited from the classes tremendously. We’re both very pleased with the whole experience.” Elektra

“…I would add that they provide you with a ‘toolbox’ for labour and life and that the onus is on YOU to use the tools for YOURSELF.  Tracy was a fantastic mentor, laying out a motivational path for self practice through ‘homeworks,’ and a relaxed approachable open attitude. I feel like I have found the ‘secret’ to a more chilled, less reactive life. Worth every single penny/dime/dollar.” Christine F.

“My husband I learnt so much about the whole birthing process from Tracy. Before I started the course I was very excited to be a mom but anxious about labor and what a natural birth would be like. By the end of the course, my husband and I were so excited about the birth. We learnt about the physical process of labor and how to assist the body in the birthing process. Tracy provided us with the information we needed to know what we really wanted in the birth of our first child. We were then able to communicate our wishes to the hospital staff to achieve our planned birth. The relaxation techniques that are taught in the course allowed me to feel in control and manage my labor without medication. Importantly, the course provided my husband with the skills to be able to assist me in helpful ways throughout the labor. Thank you so much Tracy – I really feel like I was able to achieve the birth that I’d hoped for because of what you taught us.” Karina


“HypnoMothering was the perfect finale for the Hypnobirthing class experience… HypnoMothering gave me a practical set of tools to rely on when stress and anxiety threaten to overwhelm. I feel much more prepared to be the kind of mama I’ve always hoped to be–one who can model kindness, patience, self-care, and perhaps above all, a peaceful way of handling even the most difficult moments.”

“HypnoMothering was a fabulous class. Of course it makes sense to apply the HypnoBirthing techniques to the postpartum period and it was great to break it down and begin conceptualizing what that period will/can look like. I feel much more confident as I think about coming home with baby now that I have some tools in my back pocket.”

“HypnoMothering…was so relaxing. I have learnt techniques to find peace during times of stress and chaos, and at the same time I can remain alert to my responsibilities. I enjoyed the reflective exercises because I was able to observe myself without going into reaction and in some way this helped me to except things as they are.”

“What a great class! I am so glad I went. I learned a lot of wonderful tools to help me cope with stress, lack of sleep and general frustration. I am excited to begin practicing.”

“Thank you so much for adapting your HypnoMothering program for the mothers of toddlers and preschoolers! I am already noticing a difference using your techniques. My 3 year old noticed them as well and asked me to teach her the 3 breaths (HypnoMama Breath) which has been both our favorites. A great class I would recommend to anyone seeking to find more peace within the mothering journey.”

“I found the HypnoMothering class helpful to talk with other moms and expecting moms, as well as learn techniques to calm my mood if feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. I have already used the 3 breathing techniques and positive imagery and found myself feeling more “at ease” in the situation at hand. :) Thanks for having such a powerful course that can help in so many ways, in parenting and beyond.”

“The HypnoMothering class calmed my anxieties about the first few months and gave me real, tangible solutions to help me deal with the transition. I feel so much more prepared, at ease and excited! Every mom-to-be, and even those with kids already can benefit from this class.”

“The tools that Tracy and Kira provide in their HypnoMothering course are incredibly useful! I am practicing HypnoMothering breathing regularly. In many ways, I wish I had taken HypnoMothering before my daughter was born…on the other hand…the material lands in a more effective way now that I know what I’m dealing with emotionally. I’m looking forward to using the audio hypnosis soon!”

“HypnoMothering has given me tools to find some calm in the new baby storm.”

“The HypnoMothering techniques are very useful and I look forward to using them. I also loved having the support of other pregnant women in the group and the ability to bounce ideas off of one another.”

“This class is anchored in much that I’ve been reading and talking with friends about regarding becoming a mother.”

“I really enjoyed the class and would certainly recommend it to others looking for a similar labor and birthing approach. The handouts were great and I appreciate having access to audio downloads. The size of the class was comfortable for questions and interaction. Your availability for questions etc is also appreciated. Thank you for a great experience.”

“A concise course jam packed with a variety of relaxation techniques to help cope in the tough times of new motherhood. I’m excited to listen to the download tracks as I found the Hypnobirthing tracks very useful.”

“It was GREAT!”

“I enjoyed the class! I feel confident that I have a lot of tools that I can use to remain calm once my baby arrives. Thanks!”

“HypnoMothering equipped me with some additional tools for releasing fear and tension for after my baby arrives. It also brought up things I hadn’t thought about or prepared for to this point.”

“Wonderful class! very insightful… lots of great tools that I am looking forward to using once baby arrives.”

“I am looking forward to using the techniques we learned in class. I have already found the breathing techniques from hypnobirthing class to be very beneficial in my everyday life, and find that I have more patience and feel calmer and more content in general, by utilizing the techniques. I think the hypnomothering class is a nice way to wrap up the hypnobirthing series.”

“Simple, practical tools to help me on my journey. A lovely space to just “be” for a couple of hours during the course.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful, relaxing afternoon. I don’t know if it was just having a kid-free break out of the house, or the opportunity to share my parenting experiences with a group of lovely ladies, or the calm breathing, or a combination of all, but I walked out feeling so refreshed. Better than I feel after a massage!”